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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

I'M BACK!!!!!

Well, it's been an interesting two years as I've had my head down in a book for some reason or the other. I finished Totem but for reasons, I've decided not to publish it as yet. It's back to the drawing board on that one. Instead, I've been working on an adult historical fantasy/timeslip novel. It's with my copy editor as we speak. However, waiting for the arrival of one manuscript - all 112000 words of it is a nightmare. So I've devised ways to avoid boredom, frustration etc by starting a new novel. I'm already 10 000 words in, although at this stage it's about getting it down. Ironing out the gremlins, as I've discovered is a continual ongoing experience. I've also taken to reading for other writers, which in itself has helped me. The craft of learning, never stops. 

So what is the next stage? I hear you ask. Well, I need to proofread the copy, agree or disagree on any changes. My list is like this.

1: Proofread copy and check changes.
2: Revise pitch, query and synopsis - ask yourself if you are getting the message across. 
3: The most frightening - send it out. Now, a long, long time ago, when I was traditionally published, we didn't use agents. We went straight to the publisher, although that was in South Africa. So what to do..
4: Make a decision- focus on agents first. From all the websites, most writers send to at least twenty. 
5: Send to Publishers. I thought I would give it the standard six weeks before sending to Publishers.

The question here is - should I go with indie publishers. There are some good ones out there. Now I know a lot of people think that you might as well self-publish but as I've discovered that's pretty hard too. I like Carina UK because they're part of Harlequine. I'm also considering Choc lit because they promote world wide. From my own experience, I use the kindle now rather than buying the book. This might be a surprise to most people but i simply do not have the space for any more books. You should see my bookshelf - hahaha

6: Wait and continue to write and enjoy life. I already know from previous experience that the publishing industry is slow like a glacier. Even in the nineties, it took at least two years from conception to publication. 

7: If all fails, I still have an option to self-publish - why not? After all, the purpose of the book was to be read. 

Wish me luck

Monday, 15 April 2013

A teaser with speech links in English, French, Spanish and German - let me know if it's 'lost in translation'

A scream of pure terror splits the air around him, freezing his thought and pumping his heart. It continues, getting higher and higher before changing into a wail. The need to curl up and cover his ears is overwhelming and for the first time, Hawk tastes fear. The unexpected pain from his bitten tongue jolts him and he follows the sound with his ears, it’s not far from him, to his left. The sound changes into a wail, then a sob before abruptly stopping. Whoever that was he prayed it was quick and tried not to imagine what was causing the scream. He shivered then, the need to flee coursed through his veins although his ears are still ringing with the sound.

Un cri de terreur pure déchire l'air autour de lui, en congelant sa pensée et en pompant son coeur. Il continue, en devenant plus haut et plus haut avant le fait de changer dans un gémissement. Le besoin de se pelotonner et couvrir ses oreilles est écrasant et pour la première fois, la peur de goûts de Faucon. La douleur inattendue de sa langue mordue le secoue et il suit le son avec ses oreilles, il est pas loin de lui, sur son gaucheyé. Le son change dans un gémissement, ensuite un sanglot auparavant soudainement l'arrêt. Qui que ce soit qui ce soit il a prié c'était rapide et essayé pour ne pas imaginer ce qui provoquait le cri. Il a frissonné alors, le besoin de fuir coursed par ses veines bien que ses oreilles sonnent toujours avec le son.

Un grito del terror puro parte el aire alrededor de él, congelando su pensamiento y bombeando su corazón. Esto sigue, haciéndose más alto y más alto antes de cambiar en un gemido. La necesidad de enroscarse y cubrir sus oídos es aplastante y por primera vez, miedo de gustos de Halcón. El dolor inesperado de su lengua mordida lo sacude y él sigue el sonido con sus oídos, está no lejos de él, a su izquierda. El sonido se cambia en un gemido, luego un sollozo antes repentinamente parada. A quienquiera era él rezó era rápido e intentado para no imaginar lo que causaba el grito. Él tembló entonces, la necesidad de escapar coursed por sus venas aunque sus oídos todavía suenen con el sonido.

Ein Schrei des reinen Terrors spaltet die Luft um ihn, seinen Gedanken erfrieren laßend und sein Herz pumpend. Es macht weiter, höher und höher vor dem Ändern in ein Jammern werdend. Das Bedürfnis, sich zusammenzurollen und seine Ohren zu bedecken, ist überwältigend und zum ersten Mal, Falke-Geschmack-Angst. Der unerwartete Schmerz von seiner gebissenen Zunge rüttelt ihn, und er folgt dem Ton mit seinen Ohren, es ist nicht weit von ihm an seiner linken Seite. Der Ton ändert sich in ein Jammern, dann ein Schluchzen vor dem plötzlich Aufhören. Wer auch immer das war, betete er das war schnell und versucht, um sich nicht vorzustellen, was den Schrei verursachte. Er zitterte dann, das Bedürfnis, gehetzt durch seine Adern zu fliehen, obwohl seine Ohren noch mit dem Ton klingeln.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Phew - second book is incredibly slow - sorry!

My book seems to have self-hibernated but I hope to have it up and running soon - promise. It's out with Beta Readers at the moment - eeek!!!!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Great reviews on WHSmith!!!!!

Read this book over the weekend by the fire, perfect book for a winters day. Story line was great, created a picturesque idea of the other side and the beauty that it holds. would recommend this book!
Sarah J
well that was worth the read, new types of characters and creatures, different to all the other fantasy writers I know of ! would recommend this guys!
Sally Robinson7441
I know from the review it will be a stunning book as I have read this author before and her books are great.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

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