Tuesday, 3 January 2012


I'm so excited about this month even though it's storming outside.  One thing though - editing is taking a little longer, punctuation is a must!  The book cover looks great but I'm forbidden to show it to anyone yet.
Negative comments so far in editing:  I've been told that Nevaeh groans a lot - I don't blame her - wait until you meet Hawk....groan!sigh!  I mean what other sounds are there for someone so yummy?


Netopia said...

Yo, happy new year, girlfriend! Can't wait to see the cover, I know it's gonna be way cool. And if Nevaeh groans a lot, maybe she needs a bit of oiling from Hawk, hee hee.

Raquel said...

feliz ano
mis mejores deseos
Con mucho carino

Anonymous said...

Hey Deborah, Blog looks fab, looking forward to reading the book and seeing the book cover (especially if Hawk is on the front ;-)). I love the name Nevaeh too (its heaven spelt backwards!) Will keep checking back for updates, enjoy the punctuation! Kirsty x

Anonymous said...

really looking froward to your book coming out:) sounds good and really looking forward to the trailer :).

Medusa said...

Really like this book, I love magic and mystery and it's also pretty dark. Cool paranormal idea but without witches and vamps,which is so last year!T

Totally intriguing, a bit twisted which is kinda awesome. I like the fact that I can't predict the story so it's like hard to put down.

Hope there'll be more books, could even see it as film - I think Taylor Lautner would make a seriously hot Hawk!!

Kreete said...

I can't wait to read this fascinating book :) I am sure it will be an incredible! :)