Sunday, 15 April 2012

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Review: Heaven's Children- Earth Totem by Deborah A. Jackson

In this book, we're introduced to Nevaeh (Must admit: the name's really cool; "heaven" backwards) a teenager that, after the deception of her best friend, joins the group of the "goths"... (You know, the group that exists in every school... The misfits?) Only they're not that. They're the Totem people; they tap on Gaia's energy. There, she meets Hawk, a guy who she feels a deep connection with since the beginning... Heaven's Children: Earth Totem is the story of Nevaeh's journey to find who she really is.

What drove me through this book was the necessity of knowing more about Nevaeh, Hawk and their group. The retrospective chapters help you construct the story very well, so when the accident that is presented at the beginning of the book is understandable. At first, I wondered what was going on... But once you get in the story, there's nothing that can get you out of it.

There's a little bit of everything in this book. Painful twists, more twists... I must say that the end left me brokenhearted. You get to love these characters. I hope I get to know more about them soon!

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